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Doc-To-Help Enterprise

This release supercharges your online outputs by giving you a new Responsive theme that adapts to screen size and Content Widgets that you can use to bring your content to life.

Responsive NetHelp is a very modern theme that allows you to publish a single output that will adapt itself to the devices your readers are using. When you are viewing it on the desktop, you will see the traditional layout with a toolbar, Table of Contents, and topic area. When you load it on a smaller device (or re-size the browser), adjustments are made to make the content more readable. For example, the side panel collapses, the toolbar becomes a popup menu, and tables adjust themselves. Gone is the need to manage individual deliverables for desktop, tablet, and phone use.



8137.0703.00Doc-To-Help Enterprise - ENGLISH FULL KEY
with Platinum Maintenance
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8137.0703.02Doc-To-Help Enterprise Upgrade - ENGLISH
with Platinum Maintenance
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